You can answer a few questions here to begin the booking process
A few things to note

Consultations are complimentary, but I do require a $100 deposit to secure your desired appointment date. 

- I do not begin designing or drawing without a deposit.

- My shop is appointment only. I do not accept walk in's. 

- If you haven't already, please have a look at the tattoos section located on this site to get a general idea of the type of work I do. 

- I do not do portraits or photo portrait realism. 

- I am colorblind and I work primarily in black and grey. I will sometimes use color depending on the idea and if given the ability to use artistic freedom.

- All work is custom work, and I will not replicate other artists designs. I will do my best to accommodate your vision, but as with most artists, allowing me the freedom to express myself will more than likely yield you the best result. 

- My goal is not to deny your request or proposition. My goal is simply to make certain that you are indeed serious about your inquiry so you can have the best experience possible. 

- It is not out of the ordinary that I recommend an artist other than myself. In the event that this happens, it is only because the recommended artist is more suited to the style you seek. It does not mean I do not want to tattoo you.
Thank you for your interest. Wasn't that painless? The first step is always the hardest. Luckily its over quickly. If you left a valid email address, someone will be in touch with you soon regarding booking.
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