-Heres a little Bio thingy- 

My name is Nolan. People call me Nez (short for my last name). I didn't ask for the nickname. It just stuck a long time ago. So, thats how people know me. I have worked in the tattoo industry since 2012. I have been tattooing since July of 2016. 

I feel that your tattoo experience should be safe and comfortable. That’s why my primary goal has been to work exclusively with my clientele. Privately. One on one. 

I feel that with this approach, together, we can focus on creating unique custom art, but without a shop full of artists, clients, walk-ins, guests, onlookers, pizza delivery drivers, and who knows what else. 
Less distractions. More focus on the experience.

I pride myself in my professionalism and my discretion, as well as my obsessive attention to detail and cleanliness. 

I tattoo you safely, comfortably, privately, professionally.
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